Engaging Education for Dental Professionals!

Engaging Education for Dental Professionals!

Engaging Education for Dental Professionals!Engaging Education for Dental Professionals!Engaging Education for Dental Professionals!

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Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins, RDH


Jamie Collins, RDH is a clinical practicing hygienist in Idaho and Washington states. She has been in the dental field for twenty years, both as an assistant and hygienist. With a passion for patient care, especially those with higher risk factors, Jamie enjoys sharing the tips and tricks of dental profession through speaking and writing for multiple publications. In addition to clinical practice Jamie is also an educator, has contributed to multiple textbooks, curriculum development and creation, and contributes as a key opinion leader with multiple companies. 


Engaging Content

Motivational programs that provide the attendees with ideas to implement in daily dental practice.  

Topics include, but not limited to :

Diabetes and Oral Care

Vaping and Systemic Effects

Caring for the Geriatric Population

Managing the Spectrum of Autism Care


What People are Saying...

 "You are truly one of the best speakers I've heard speak in my 14 years of UOR!! Your course was great you stay on track and deliver the content in such an easy to follow way."  -Jen C 

"On the ride to the airport your course wall all the BUZZ!" 

 I have to say, your course was so informative and wonderful.  You have given me some great ideas to incorporate into our practice.!  Your presentation and delivery of your webinar was by far my favorite and most informative course I have taken in my career.  K.D

"You had a packed house and from what I heard killed it!"  C.S.

Top Programs


Vaping: A Viable Alternative or Danger in the Air?


The popularity of vaping among all ages is on the rise, often with unregulated products. The market is catering to the younger generation, marketing appealing and concealing devices and flavors. Few studies and long-term effects are widely unknown, education and screening patients is a key element in any dental practice. Attendees will learn the dangers, and impacts on the oral and systemic health conditions, leaving with the knowledge to discuss vaping with patients. 


Diabetes by the Numbers


Thirty -three million Americans are afflicted by Diabetes Mellitus, with 7.2 million cases undiagnosed. With the increasing diabetes epidemic, it is estimated that by the year 2050 one in three Americans will be diabetic in their lifetime. Diabetic patients are 2-3 times more likely to develop periodontal disease than non-diabetics. With 80% of diabetics residing in the middle and lower class American society dental clinicians have the ability to make a difference in the life of these individuals. In 2018 there have been new CDT codes implemented to aid dental care workers to identify and help manage the oral systemic link of diabetes. This course will help identify the types, causes and treatments to provide the best care possible.


Managing the Spectrum of Autism Care


One in 54 children have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, with approximately 100 newly diagnosed patients daily. Since first identified as a disorder in the United States in the 1940’s, Autism Spectrum is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States. Treating patients on the Autism Spectrum in a dental practice presents a multitude of challenges from behavior and cooperation concerns to related health concerns, not to mention the oral considerations associated with medications.  As these children on the Autism Spectrum age and integrate into society as young adults many also age out of pediatric dental practices and are seen in general practices.  As a practicing hygienist and mother of an Autistic child the speaker has learned methods to ease the anxiety associated with dental appointments for many patients in addition to common oral conditions that may affect individuals with Special Needs. 

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